* 2018 Year's Tea * Court Lodge Tea Garden Nuwara Eliya Tea x Delicate Champagne Flavor


Toasting drink with non-alcoholic champagne tea!
Refreshing and delicate champagne flavor for Champagne "Nuwara Eliya Tea" of Tea. 
Flavored tea where you can enjoy the rich fragrance and astringency unique to tea leaves selected fresh tea garden and men can enjoy. 


the design which made the motif of "long long doctor's story" written by Charles Capek, which is the roots of the name of the year old Charles Capek tea shop. The scene where three fairies dance in the woods was very cute. 

コートロッジ茶園ヌワラエリヤ茶 × 繊細なシャンパンフレーバー





2018 YEAR OF DOG TEA l 2018 イヤーズティー

SKU: KC180367
  • EXPIRED TEA: 2020.10


    Weight: 2g
    Ingredients: Nuwara Eliya Tea, Champagne

    Country of Origin: India, Sri Lanka

    Best Before: More than half a year

    Storage Method: Store in a cool, dry place


    Tea Leaf Producing Area: Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eli
    Tea Garden: Coat Lodge
    Altitude: Approximately 1800m

    Grade: Bespoke FBOP Selection by Hand Pick
    Tea Liquid: Lightly Orange Yellow Crimson
    Aroma: Youthfully and Flora.

    Taste sharpened high-quality astringent and faint sweetness. The aftertaste is clear. After the temperature drops you can enjoy a slightly thick astringent.

  • My tea bags are expired, can I still use them? 

    Tea bags will be fine for keeping more than a year in the pantry, but even long after that, they're still safe to consume. They just might change colour or flavour. And tea is herb. 

    Will advise to kept them in a ziplock bag, and place them in the fridge for keeping them fresh.

    If your tea has an expiration date then it's just for best quality, not safety. I've personally found tea bags sitting at the back of the pantry that were more than 3 years old, the packaging had even started to fade, and the tea taste was still fine and lighter, some tea even taste sweeter and good. Will advise you to just steep it for a little longer for a stronger taste.