Have a hot and gorgeous cup!
Merry Christmas Tea 2020


Merry Christmas tea for a special occasion!
While listening to movies and favorite music, cocktails that signal the beginning of the party.

Dimbula Tea + Juicy Apples + Ripe Pineapple 




Origin: (1) Sri Lankan Heilhuna Tea Garden: Lumbini Tea Garden

(2) Sri Lankan Dimbula Altitude: Approximately 1,500 m
Grade: BOP or BOPF
Tea Leaf Aroma: Bright and ripe fruit-like caramel aroma peculiar to Heilhuna and young citrus

Fragrant Dimbula Aroma
: A smooth taste with the delicacy of dimbula and the richness of ripe apple. When it cools down, it has a straight and comfortable astringency.
Taste: Juicy apples and ripe pineapple
Sweets Pairing: Nut biscuits, shortcakes, fruitcakes

MERRY CHRISTMAS TEA 2020 l メリークリスマスティー

SKU: KC0200513

    Weight: 2g
    Ingredients: Dimbula Tea, Juicy Apples, Ripe Pineapple Bits

    Best Before: More than half a year

    Storage Method: Store in a cool, dry place. Stay away from humidity