To celebrate the year!

[LIMITED EDITION GIFT PACK only entitle to 1 lucky person]

Good gift for your love one or any upcoming occasion.

GIFT PACK #2 l ギフトパック#2

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  • GIFT PACK #2

    - Buzzy's Tote Bag

    - Piccolo Drawstring Bag

    - Buzzy & Piccolo Tea Pouch

    - Year 2022 Karel Capek Calendar 

    - Blue Fairy 24g (3g x 8p)

    - Karel Capek Dimbula 22.5g (1.5g x 15p)

    - Milk Caramel Tea 20pcs

    - White Peach Tea 20pcs

    - 2x Message Tea Thank You Very Much

    - 3x Message Tea Thank You

    - 5x Pancake Tea

    - 5x 35th Anniversary Trinity

    - 5x 35th Anniversary True Colors