Messages that pass on feelings to important people!


As a petit gift for welcome reception and celebrations. 
Why not try communicating your thoughts with our tea bag? 

This tea bag carrying the feeling of "Thank you" is available in our popular flavored white peach. Fresh white peach flavour is perfect for any type of drinking! Natural richness and sweetness, especially good aftertaste, is a proof of the overwhelming freshness of Ruhuna Tea.




MESSAGE TEA メッセージティーバッグ l RUBBIT THANK YOU ありがとうございます

SKU: KC170264
  • It is packaged slightly larger than normal tea bags.
    Package size: 11 cm × 10 cm 



    Weight: 2g
    Ingredients: Black Tea, White Peach 
    Country of Origin: India, Sri Lanka

    Best Before: More than half a year

    Storage Method: Store in a cool, dry place