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Karel's tea wear to enjoy the summer!
Mini Jug Pompon Rabbit

The cute rabbit design is sure to make you want to make tea, very popular every year! 

Glass jug for iced tea and compact design that fits neatly into the refrigerator door!


ミニジャグ ポンポンうさぎ





MINI JUG POMPON RABBIT l ミニジャグ ポンポンうさぎ

SKU: JUG210293
$28.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
  • Practical Capacity: Approx. 400 ml (Full water: 485 ml)
    Material: Main body: Soda lime glass

    Lid: Polypropylene resin

    * If scratched, it is easy to break. Please handle with care.
    * Non-heat resistant glass. Sudden change of temperature including rapid cooling may result in cracking.
    *Do not use in a microwave or oven.

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