Fresh + light + sweet
The beginning of a juicy tea party


A wonderful marriage of oolong tea, which has both elegance and gorgeousness, and muscat, which is fresh and fruity!

WonderfulThe sweetness of Muscat becomes more pronounced when brewed hot as well as drained .

Taiwan's <highly fresh> Dong Ding tea with a soft yellow-green light blue. It has a refreshing taste like green tea and has a unique scent that goes through your nose.





MUSCAT OOLONG 2022 l マスカットウーロン 2022

SKU: KC220675

    Weight: 1.5g
    Ingredients: Semi-fermented tea (Dong Ding Oolong,) Muscat
    Country of Origin: Taiwan

    Best Before: More than half a year

    Storage Method: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from humidity


    How to drink deliciously

    Straight: Hot water 150-200 ml → 3-5 minutes (squeeze)
    Ice tea: Hot water 80 ml → 2.5 minutes (squeeze) → To a glass full of ice Water: 150-200 ml of water → Cider out
    overnight in the refrigerator (about 5 hours)
    : Carbonated water 200ml → Overnight in the refrigerator (about 5 hours)