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Pineapple Earl Grey l Derived from Okinawa 

100% fresh dimbula tea from Sri Lanka, the kingdom of fruits.

Tea leaf with outstanding freshness, you can understand the characteristics of dimbula tea regardless of how you drink it and at any temperature.


Origin: Sri Lanka Dimbula
Altitude: 1500m ~
Grade: BOP or BOPF Sorted hand-picked bespoke
Tea liquor: Red-orange
Tea leaf Aroma: Deep flower-like scent with a faint citrus scent
: <Watering> First tannin Immediately feel the pineapple and bergamot scent spread in the mouth. It feels good and sharp. A pleasant citrus aroma as an aftertaste.
<Hot tea> A pineapple scent with a first taste. Immediately the freshness of bergamot rises. Both the sweetness and light acidity of pineapple remain. Sweet at room temperature.
Flavoring: Juicy and sweet pineapple scent and embracing bergamot scent.
Sweets: cheesecake, custard pudding, fruit tarts, spicy cookies, lemon cake




PINEAPPLE EARL GREY l パイナップルアールグレイ

SKU: KC220674

    Weight: 1.5g
    Ingredients: Dimbula, Bergamot, Pineapple Bits, Sugar

    Best Before: More than half a year

    Expired: February 2025

    Preservation method: Store away from high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight

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