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[Refreshing Green Tea]

Yamecha Shikwasa is made from sencha green tea produced in Okuyame Hoshino Village, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is recognized as the "most beautiful village in Japan" and the "top gyokuro producer in Japan! The fresh aroma and sweet taste of sencha made with Hoshino Seichaen's advanced tea-making technology are further refreshed by the fresh, sweet, and sour "Seekwasa"!
The tea is refreshing and delicate when brewed with water. Yame Sencha's original characteristics are clearly expressed in hot water. Soda drinking is also an enjoyable experience for adults.


Recommended Tea Preparations:

Straight: 200ml hot water → at least 5 minutes (squeeze)
Iced tea: 100ml hot water → 5 minutes or more (straining) → put into a glass with plenty of ice
Water or cider (carbonated): 500ml PET bottle + 2 tea bags → overnight
Milk tea: 100ml of boiling water → at least 5 minutes (straining)
Recommendation: Boil 1 liter of water and 2 tea bags in a small saucepan for 10 minutes to enjoy the beneficial ingredients.


八女茶シークヮーサーは、「日本で最も美しい村」「玉露生産量日本一」に選ばれた福岡県奥八女星野村の煎茶を使用! 星乃製茶園の煎茶の爽やかな香りと甘みが特長です。高度な製茶技術をフレッシュで甘酸っぱい「シークヮーサー」でさらにリフレッシュ! 水で淹れると、さわやかで繊細なお茶になります。八女煎茶本来の特徴がお湯にはっきりと現れます。炭酸飲料は大人にとっても楽しい体験です。


SKU: KC232512

    Weight: 1.5g

    Ingredients: Sencha (green tea), Citrus Depressa

    Country of Origin: Japan

    Best Before: More than half a year

    Expired: March 2024

    Preservation method: Store away from high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight

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