FAQ & Legal for Teadora

Orders & Delivery

How do we ship our products?
-  By Air Mail [Currently we need to check with shipping due to covid period]

Rates for local postage?

- $3.50 - $6.50 (Local Standard Mailing)

- If opt for registered mailing, rate will be depending on weight & product purchase

Is there additional Charges for wrong mailing address given?

- YES! Please provide us the correct address and unit number

How long does the postage mail reach to you?

- 3 to 4 days depending (Local)

- 2 to 3 weeks depending (Oversea)

Rates for shipping?
- Shipping rates are calculated based on quantity, size and weight of items purchased

- Drop us an email with your address, will check the rate include shipping tax to you


Methods of payment accepted?
- Currently we only accept Bank Transfer/PayNow/PayLah!, Visa, Masters and Paypal only

- For Payment via PayNow/PayLah! only for email us your confirm order list (Local only)


Do we ship overseas?
- We do ship worldwide, drop us a message or email to: hello@teadora.co


Local Courier Service

How long does the delivery take?
- 1 to 2 days depending

(To check with our driver schedule/slot)

What the rate of courier service?

- $8.00 - $12.00 per trip. (Depending on location distance)


Is it possible to change the delivery destination of the item I'm ordering?
- We are unable to change the shipping destination once confirmed


How do I know if my item has been shipped?
- We will inform you once purchased item has been shipped out


What happens if I notice that my personal details are incorrect after I have placed my order?
- Please contact us asap at hello@teadora.co to update your details


How do we pack our items?
- We wrap our goods with bubble wrap/thick paper before shipping out to overseas



Exchange and Refunds



If I do not like my purchase am I able to refund / exchange my purchase?
- We do not offer refunds or exchanges for goods once is sold.

Meet Up For Collection


Postcode: 530020, Lift A

(For other timing, please check with us on our available schedule)


Postcode: 530020, Lift A

(Please message or email us to confirm!)







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