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A refined cup that you want to drink at Christmas
"Holly Greeting Tea"

Christmas tea with pear flavor. The base uses 100% Nuwara Eliya tea from the Lover's Leap Tea Garden. The yellow chrysanthemum tea liquid is the proof of the highest quality.


How to drink delicious

Straight: 150ml of hot water → 4 minutes (squeeze)
Iced tea: 100ml of hot water → 4 minutes (squeeze)
 → Put out cold water or cider in a glass full of ice 
: 500ml water or cider (carbonated) + 2 tea bags → Overnight






ストレート: 熱湯150ml→4分(搾る)
アイスティー: 熱湯100ml→4分(搾る)
水出しorサイダー出し: 水orサイダー(炭酸)500ml+ティーバッグ2つ→一晩

HOLLY GREETING TEA 2022 l ホリーグリーティングティー 2022

SKU: KC220975

    Weight: 1.5g

    Ingredients: Pear, Nuwara Eliya

    Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

    Best Before: More than a year

    Expired: September 2025

    Preservation method: Store away from high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight

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