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A very cute & new design depicting the fun tea time of Karel Čapek's popular Buzzy!


You can put your favourite tea bag in it to make your own tea canister, but also for sweets and accessories! Just put it on and the table or kitchen will be gorgeous.


12 recommended black teas of 6 types!

can store up to 20 tea bags. (you can top up additional tea bags)


We respond to requests for individually wrapped wrapping! For a more polite gift. * Wrapped and delivered!


SKU: SET200366-1
  • [12 TEA BAGS]

    ・ Daily Spice Chai × 2p
    ・ Girl's Tea x 2p
    ・ Good Night Herb × 2p
    ・ White Peach Tea × 2p

    ・ Milk Caramel Tea × 2p
    ・ Royal Apple × 2p

    The contents of the tea bag may change depending on the stock status. We will make a set of all recommended items for this season.


    (Can size: Φ10. 5 cm, height about 12 cm)

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