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Sweets apple tea only for this season! Hohoho...

"Merry Christmas Tea"

The juicy apple and warm caramel flavor are just like apple candies. The base tea leaves are the best blend of Dimbula, which has an elegant and sharp astringency with Nuwara Eliya which has a refreshing sweetness . It goes well with sweetened milk as well as straight ! There are also sparkling teas with fruits in the cider out good pairing with sweet and desserts.


How to brew it delicious

Straight: 150ml of boiling water → 4 minutes (squeezing)
Milk tea: 100ml of boiling water → 4 minutes (squeezing)
 → appropriate amount of milk  Cold brew
or cider: 500ml water or cider (carbonated) + 2 tea bags → overnight






ストレート: 熱湯150ml→4分(搾る)
ミルクティー: 熱湯100ml→4分(搾る)
水出しorサイダー出し: 水orサイダー(炭酸)500ml+ティーバッグ2つ→一晩

MERRY CHRISTMAS TEA 2022 l メリークリスマスティー 2022

SKU: KC220974

    Weight: 1.5g

    Ingredients: Apple, Caramel, Dimbula, Nuwara Eliya

    Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

    Best Before: More than a year

    Expired: September 2025

    Preservation method: Store away from high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight

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